Located in an extraordinarily beautiful and sparcely populated area of Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline, Salinas Beach Club affords its residents and their guests a year-round vacation getaway with the comforts of a modern urban lifestyle.

The Salinas Beach Club project is being developed in Salinas Grandes, a small fishing village on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, just 20 minutes away from León and an hour from the capital city of Managua. There the nation’s international airport handles direct scheduled flights to and from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Salinas Grandes owes its name to the area’s most successful commercial activity: artisan sea salt extraction. A large percentage of the local population work in that industry, although there is considerable fishing and farming as well. The salt extraction basins or pools are located very close to the beach and they add an unusual dimension to the overall panorama.

The village is small and modest. The surrounding area is occupied by forests and grasslands, privately-held farms and vacation homes dot the beachfront properties.

Activity on Salinas Grandes’ 2-mile long stretch of beach is limited, adding to the sensation that it’s an private, peaceful retreat. During a leisurely stroll, you may encounter friendly locals and visitors from the private vacation homes sunbathing on the sand, frolicking in the waves or hiking to/from the Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve.


Set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, with a total area of 130,370 square kilometers.

It is known for its dramatic topography: an exotic mix of fertile lowlands and sprawling beaches in the coastal areas, with highlands, volcanoes and lakes in the central portion.

A must visit? Lake Managua and the iconic Momotombo stratovolcano, just north of the capital. It stands at 4,255 feet above sea level.

There is much to see in the nation’s countryside as well, like the cities of León and Granada, noted for their Spanish colonial architecture.

Nearly one fifth of Nicaragua’s territory has been designated as protected areas —national parks, nature reserves, and biological reserves— with vast tracts of tropical vegetation and myriad types of wildlife.

Another one of the most appealing areas is the bocana, the estuary that separates Salinas Grandes and Juan Venado Island. Don’t be surprised to see a gathering of locals and visitors alike, as the clash of the river’s current with the ocean makes for intense, tube-type waves, which are ideal for surfing.

The bocana has something for eco-tourists and nature buffs, too, as it heralds the rich variety of vegetation and wildlife to be found at the Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve. Its expansive mangrove forest in the intertidal zone is home to a myriad species.

Villagers are a useful source of information about the reserve, which is a national protected area, and basically about anything you need to know. 

Locals will also tell you, of course, that fishing is great in Salinas Grandes —whether you cast off from the beach, in the estuary, along the river, or out at sea.  

As can be expected in this tropical paradise, there are only two seasons in Nicaragua. Don’t expect cool weather in winter; called invierno, it lasts from May to October and it’s the hot, rainy time of year. Summer (or verano) is dry and more temperate, and lasts from November through April.

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