Located between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua is a fascinating and beautiful country.

Unspoiled by tourism, the country is full of tropical forests, old colonial towns, volcanoes, and hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. With a short, two hour plane ride from Miami, Florida, you could be standing in its capital city, Managua.

A democratic republic with duly elected leaders, Nicaragua is committed to becoming a first-rate nation dedicated to the welfare of its citizens, investors and tourists. It is a peaceful and beautiful place to live or visit, rich in culture and history with a vibrant and growing economy.

Enjoy the tropical weather of the Caribbean while being surrounded by one of the most romantic languages heard around the world, español. Don’t speak Spanish? Most major cities are bilingual, with English being widely used.

To the east of Nicaragua is the Caribbean Sea and to the west lies the Pacific Ocean, where the beaches of Salinas Beach Club call home.

Democracy, Progress, Peace and Serenity are the four cornerstones of the “New Nicaragua”


Images of Nicaragua locations courtesy of VisitaNicaragua.com

A one-hour scenic car drive west of Managua will lead you to its front steps and to the beautiful Pacific Coast. Or, arrive at Salinas Beach Club by a 35-minute drive south of the City of León, Nicaragua’s second-largest city and its original capital. Take pleasure in beautiful nature and seclusion without being so far from civilization.

In this “land of opportunity” there is so much potential that it can be found everywhere you look. Whether you want to invest in beachfront, agricultural or development land, tourism, businesses or simply find your own piece of paradise to live on, you can find it at prices that will amaze you.

Add the low cost of living –from food to hired help– plus incentives from the Nicaraguan Government, such as the “Investment Acts Decree No. 628,″ which authorizes entry into the country to foreigners under the category of resident pensioners or individuals living on investments.

So focus on your health, happiness, and relaxation by investing in Salinas Beach Club.

Momotombo Volcano


The city of León is Nicaragua’s second largest city as well as one of its oldest. Founded in 1524, it was the capital of Nicaragua until 1857.

Even though it is no longer the nation’s capital, it remains a center of intellectual and liberal thought, history, folklore, and “colonial period” architecture. Its cathedral, the Basílica Catedral de la Asunción de León (above), was awarded World Heritage Site status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Hotels in León are very safe and comfortable, although not as classy as the ones in Managua. The city has more of a family oriented atmosphere, with breakfast usually included with your stay.

Most hotels are located in the business district and within walking distance to restaurants, etc. Taxis are plentiful in León. 

For more information about what to do and where to go, including hiking around Momotombo (below), an active, 1,258 meters high volcano, please visit: City of León.


The Nicaraguan government has granted a bundle of incentives, known as the “Investment Acts Decree No. 628,″ which authorizes entry into Nicaragua to foreigners under the category of “resident pensioners” or “individuals living on investments.”

The degree grants residency to persons over 45 years of age who can prove a stable and permanent monthly income of no less than $400.00 (or its equivalent in any other currency) generated abroad.

dollar bills silh

Nicaraguan laws offer the best incentives for foreigners in all of Latin America

Under this law, individuals receive a one-time customs exemption of $10,000.00 for the importation of their household goods. Furthermore, they shall have an exemption from income taxes levied on income declared as earned abroad.

Beneficiaries of law No. 628 may also import an automobile for personal or general use, free from import taxes, custom duties, sales taxes and financial stability taxes. This may be repeated every 5 years. 

Taxes are only made on income generated from Nicaraguan sources, including sale of goods and property.

Some tourism-oriented businesses, like B&Bs (bed and breakfast), may also be subject to tax exemptions for 10 years.


Images of Nicaragua locations courtesy of VisitaNicaragua.com


Only 5 miles from Managua’s International Airport, in the heart of the city’s Business and Entertainment district, there are several first class hotels. Within walking distance you’ll find modern shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife, as well as the corporate hub.

The hotels usually provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Rental cars and English-speaking driver services are available at reasonable rates.

For more information visit: City of Managua. 

There are other beautiful cities to visit in Nicaragua, like Granada, located only 45 minutes away from Managua on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.

Founded in 1524, he city has a long and rich history, and is brimming with pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial landmarks. It is also known as La Gran Sultana, for its Moorish and Andalusian architecture. It is very tourist oriented.

For more details visit: City of Granada.

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